Episode #89 – Let the Old Guys Play

After a three month hiatus the ASP trio finally reunite. In this latest episode, they return to the diamond to talk Giants baseball.  With their worst stretch in the first half only being a 4-game losing streak, the S.F. Giants logged the best record in all of baseball (58-32) at the All-Star break.  Paulato provides a brief overview of the SF Giants’ strong first half performance and each Stuffer shares his best and worst moments that stood out from the season so far.  They next re-evaluate manager Gabe Kapler’s sophomore campaign with the Giants so far and his coaching staff, breaking down the keys to their success.  Finally, the inquisitive trio raise critical questions on various topics, like how this Giants team is uncharacteristically hard-hitting, whether the home run derby is relevant in the 21st century, what’s with the MLB’s sticky-stuff crack down, whether Giants fans should be concerned about a 2016-esque second-half collapse and are Kap’s hipster glasses prescription?

ASP close the show with a unique game in podcast history called “Homeless: Choose Your Own Adventure!”  What would you do if an apparently unhealthy homeless guy relatively indecently exposed decides to have a meal at your restaurant?

Don’t swing and miss out on this overly stuffed episode of baseball talk in a way only ASP Stuff radio can deliver. 

Download and listen to episode 89!


“Blur and Coalesce” by Podington Bear (Free Music Archive)

Baseball Organ music by Anthony Ouradnik.  Visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFR3S6jN0Ng and watch him play.

“Game Show TV Theme Music”/”Old Time TV Music” by Craig Riley (Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises)

“Bill Nye the Science Guy – S01EP19 Outer Space” (YouTube)

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