Episode #88 – Can You Know You Know Nothing? The Edge of the Universe, Giants Update and Are We Losing the Art in Baseball?

If you’ve ever been curious about the logical absurdities of knowing nothing, what dwells near the constantly expanding boundaries of the universe, and the lost art of baseball then ASP Stuff Radio, the quirkiest podcast in the Milky Way Galaxy, has you covered! In their latest episode Alberotle critically evaluates the self-refuting nature of Socratic wisdom, Steveocrates sheds some cosmic rays on GN-z11, which is considered “the most distant galaxy” known to mankind (approximately 13.4 billion light years away from the Earth), and Paulato gives an update on the S.F. Giants and shares his thoughts about a great interview from a podcast called Giants Talk featuring Jake Peavy (former Giants pitcher and CY winner) who expresses his concerns about the “auto-tuning” of baseball, i.e., how the “human element” is at risk in an analytics-driven baseball universe. So, even though you might not be able to book a trip to GN-z11 just yet you can still enjoy listening to this packed episode while traveling around planet Earth, which may or may not exist in 13.4 billions years.

Download and listen to episode 88!


“Balancing Act, Chosen Kale Mazel Tov” by The Underscore Orchestra (Free Music Archive)

“Meeting Again” by Emily A. Sprague (YouTube Audio)

“Maryandra’s Waltz” by Jesse Gallagher (YouTube Audio)

“Camille Saint Saens – Carnaval des animaux – I La Marche Royale du Lion” by Aitua (Free Music Archive)

“Twilight” by Ketsa (Free Music Archive)

“A New Beginning” by Esther Abrami (YouTube Audio)

“Slaughter Mtn” by Cletus Got Shot (Free Music Archive)

“Easy” by Mello C (Free Music Archive)

“Symphony no. 6 in F major ‘Pastoral’, Op. 68” by Ludwig van Beethoven (Royalty free music. Public domain and copyright free classical music)

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