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Episode #4 – Lunge Your Knife at The Ice Cyst Belt

https://ia601502.us.archive.org/2/items/Episode4.LungeYourKnifeAtTheIceCystBelt/Episode%204.mp3 Lo and behold! ASP lunge their intellectual knife into the core of Ice Cyst, but they hit the belt…they hit the belt.  Give me a break…give me a break.  If you’re interested in the “article” mentioned in this episode, … Continue reading


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Episode #2 – Biting Nails, Trump Heads and Hanks Pee Pee

https://ia601508.us.archive.org/10/items/Episode2_201708/Episode%202.mp3 In their second episode ASP discuss politics, the recent 2016 world series between the Mets and Royals, the S.F. Giants, Tom Hank’s uncannily recurring peeing performances in many of his films and whether or not Donald Trump’s “hairdo” is … Continue reading

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