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Episode #22 – The Prince of Pop, Umpbots & Whatnots, and Creepy Fiorina

While Steveocrates was out on assignment in Europe making an everlasting business proposal to an important executive at Love, Inc., Alberstotle and Paulato discuss the untimely tragic demise of Prince and, at least to us old fogies, great “pop” music.  A … Continue reading

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Episode #21 – S.F. Giants 2016, Cat-Induced IED, & Having a Trump Abortion

Socrateve and Aristolbert have a crack at a blatant scheme against cats!  Certainly scientists wouldn’t massage their “cold hard” evidence and fabricate tall tales of friendly felines “causing” humans to intermittently explode their  rage on the road or even commit suicide.  Could … Continue reading

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Episode #20 – Random Rants, Schmorality in Sports, Political Stuff & The Cool Guys

ASP Stuff Radio resurrects and continues their quest to thrash out stuff! In episode 20, Alberotle (risen from the phlegm of the liquid lung) randomly rants on sports fans and their obsession with national anthems and adult beverages at (baseball) … Continue reading

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