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Episode #30 – St. Mother Miraculous Teresa, Kaepernickel Sit, And What Is Aleppo?

  https://ia601501.us.archive.org/19/items/Episode30.St.MotherMiraculousTeresaKaepernickelSitAndWhatIsAleppo/Episode%2030.mp3 In episode #30 Alato, Steverotle and Paulocrates faithfully devote some time to the intriguingly mysterious nature of canonization, or the religious act or process that formally declares a dead person worthy of sainthood. To become a saint, the … Continue reading


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Episode #20 – Random Rants, Schmorality in Sports, Political Stuff & The Cool Guys

https://ia601500.us.archive.org/6/items/Episode20.RandomRantsSchmoralityInSportsPoliticalStuffTheCoolGuys322016/Episode%2020.mp3 ASP Stuff Radio resurrects and continues their quest to thrash out stuff! In episode 20, Alberotle (risen from the phlegm of the liquid lung) randomly rants on sports fans and their obsession with national anthems and adult beverages at … Continue reading

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