Episode #20 – Random Rants, Schmorality in Sports, Political Stuff & The Cool Guys

Episode 20_edited-2

ASP Stuff Radio resurrects and continues their quest to thrash out stuff! In episode 20, Alberotle (risen from the phlegm of the liquid lung) randomly rants on sports fans and their obsession with national anthems and adult beverages at (baseball) games, as well as Jesus and zombies.  The Stuffperts then discuss modern cultural values as it relates to the latest sports social media controversy where Los Angeles Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell secretly recorded teammate Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, describing his cheating exploits with women who aren’t his celebrity fiancé Iggy Azalea. This is a mouthwatering, juicy-stuff candy to chew on: Do we side with the “bro code” or moral principles?  As Paulato takes off for a game of Greek Ball, the political gears are set and Steveocrates & Aristolbert discuss (1) fowl feather friends and their revealing relationship with “Birdie” and Trump, (2) eurocentrism and terrorism, and (3) the flagrant voter fraud that occurred during the Arizona primary election on March 22nd.  We wrap our overly stuft up show with a game called Who’s Too Cool for School? Bald-bearded man or Popped collar guy? Be sure to vote below!

Direct link to download episode #20!


“String Quintet in C Major, K. 515” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; https://musopen.org

Johann Sebastian Bach; https://musopen.org/composer/johann-sebastian-bach/

“Chompsky” by Volition

YouTube Video: “Ted Cruz” – A Bad Lip Reading

YouTube Video: Birdie Sanders

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