Episode #12 – Having Said That…



WARNING: This is our first “podcast snafu” where the audio is overly distorted/clipped, so listener’s ears beware.  Audio engineer’s from around the world have done their best to salvage this recorded mess.  Having said that…

In a drama packed internet broadcast, ASP StuffRadio discuss riveting global topics. Is Obama telling the truth when it comes to the facts? Is Matt Damon a funny guy in The Martian? Do the brothers in Compton deserve to be recognized at the Oscar’s? Does Joko Jokowi of Jarkta know how to throw it down in the face of the Ice Cyst terror? These stories and much more on this week’s 12th episode!

Download and listen to episode #12!


“Jazzy Frenchy” http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/jazz

“Little Fascists” by Volition

YouTube Clip: Donald Trump Fascist Theme Song

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