Episode #15 – Please Clap, Zika


Disclaimer: This episode may most likely cause irritable mind syndrome. Oh, and a lot of expletives are exclaimed by yours truly.  It was the caffeine. Listen at your own discretion.  With that said…

ASP have been severely bitten by an infectious hot topic: the Zika virus.  We were rationally compelled to follow the white rabbit and understand the mysterious origins of this contagion.  What’s the truth? Nobody knows.  Let’s flip a coin to decide.  Speaking of “toin cosses”, we also discuss the silly shenanigans behind the recent Iowa cockatoo-kiss results: Trump childishly unable to accept defeat, Conniving Cruz playing dirty old tricks, non-blowhardin’ Jeb Bush sadly begging his audience to “please clap”, and on-the-run Carson…well…what happened to him?  Oh, he needed a pair of clean underwear.  We conclude with a fun philosophy game! Would you permanently plug into the Experience Machine? Be prepared for a mind-awakening experience!

Download and listen to episode #15!


“Symphony #2 In D Major, Op. 36 – 1. Adagio Molto, Allegro Con Brio” composed by Ludwig van Beethoven  https://musopen.org/music/1048/ludwig-van-beethoven/symphony-no-2-in-d-major-op-36/  (Royalty free music. Public domain and copyright free classical music)

“Better Days” by www.bensound.com

“Life Force” by Volition


Top Expert: Zika Virus is Bio-warfare

Zika Virus Patent

The Etymology of Zika 

Ted Cruz Calling Out Trump’s ‘Trumpertantrum’

Jeb Bush Please Clap

Book Recommendation:

Robert Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia (1974)

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