Episode #31 – Vin Scully & The Trump Sniffs

Broadcaster Vin Scully Portrait Session


In honor of his career of 67 years of baseball, Alberotle (aka Albeppo), Steveocrates and Paulato pay homage to Vincent Edward “Vin” Scully, one of baseball’s greatest, respectable sportscasters in America.  In episode 31 you’ll have the rare opportunity to listen to several audio excerpts and interviews that illustrate Scully’s pleasant character, his soothing voice, humor, musical talent, and lyrical style of broadcasting.  (He really can make dirt sound intriguing.)  To conclude our Scully tribute we play a game of Vin Scully Impressions!  Vote for your favorite impression on our Twitter page! ASP then talk about what’s his name who wants to legalize the pot?, and they cover the critical moments of the first 2016 presidential debate between your beloved two candidates: Clinton and Trump.  In particular, the pertinent focus is on Trump’s obsessive urge or natural ability to weave his sniffs (most likely encoded subliminal messages) into his political, empty rhetoric. Having said that, don’t have a post-pot smoking ‘Aleppo moment’ like this guy again, and instead enjoy the second game of our show called Count Those Sniffles!  Stay tuned at the end for David Letterman’s 1992 interview with Vin, or watch the video below!

Direct link to download episode #31!


Music: “Victor Dance Orchestra” by The Great One Step
From the Free Music Archive
Attribution CC BY

2 Intermezzi – II. Allegretto” by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry; performed by Steve’s Bedroom Band. (Royalty free music. Public domain and copyright free classical music)

In Your Arms Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

YouTube Video:  David Letterman Vin Scully 1992 Interview



Audio Clip: Vin Scully’s Farewell Speech

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