Episode #57 – Immigration Insanity


ASP Stuff Radio return to political form in this latest episode as Alberotle, Steveocrates and Paulato analyze and discuss the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy as well as some naturally expected hyperbole in the mainstream media.  But first, Alberotle makes an “unpresidented [sic]” observation of a major inconsistency in democratic values in relation with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement.  It is argued that Trump will replace Kennedy with someone more harsh on abortion rights.  Should this ruffle the same feathers of someone adamantly against the no-tolerance policy, one for which inevitably separates a child from his or her parents?  The politically charged trio also talk about the Capitol Hill hearings that were taking place during the immigration obsession (a convenient distraction perhaps?) on whether, in light of a recent OIG report, several FBI agent’s anti-Trump views contaminated Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian inference in the 2016 US presidential election.  Can an FBI agent conduct a fair and objective investigation on someone (i.e., “a f[***ing] idiot”) they vehemently hate?

This is a lot to figuratively chew on, so sit tight and be prepared for a heavy dose of political stuff on ASP Stuff Radio!

Download and listen to episode #57!

Direct link to episode #57


Music: “Smells Like Jazz” by The Phreezound Orchestra
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Music: “The Calm Before the Storm” by Jared C. Balogh
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Music: “If I Can’t Dance It’s Not My Revolution” by Quantum Jazz
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Music: “Bach” by Dee Yan-Key
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Music: “Own World” by Ketsa
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