Episode #71 – A Discussion of The Alberotle Report


After an extensive hiatus from ASP Stuff Radio Steveocrates and Paulato finally return and join Alberotle in a discussion of The Alberotle Report, a meticulous and thought-provoking analysis of the origins of the fabricated Russiagate conspiracy.  Do not fret if you haven’t listened to the entire four-part series (from episodes 67-70) for Alberotle provides a concise summary of each segment of the report before the trio of minds engage in conversation.

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Alberotle Report update: Although the unverified claim has been circulating throughout various mainstream news outlets for years, it wasn’t until late May 2019 in an op-ed for the Washington Post that we learn that (at least, and as far as I know) former FBI director James Comey boldly claims that Joseph Mifsud is a Russian agent.  Curiously, special counsel Robert Mueller never refers to Mifsud as an agent of Russia in his 448-page report, which was released to the public in April 2019.  Nevertheless, it is still a mystery as to who officially cooked up the controvertible idea that Mifsud is a Russian agent.

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Epidemic Sound: “As Life Turns Around” by Magnus Ringblom Quartet, “Nocturne” by Gunnar Johnsen, “When You’re In The Dark” by Gunnar Johnsen, “Antitode X” by Van Sandano, “It’s Perilous” by Michael Rothery, “Zeno’s Paradox” by Oh The City

YouTube Audio: “Hello 6am” by Mylar Melodies

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Music: “Hydroscope” by Gallery Six
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