Episode #17 – Cough Talk: Barking Like a Clinton

Episode 17_edited-3

What does coughing, barking and the allegedly new 9th planet have in common? Absolutely nothing except that we talk about this stuff in our latest (17th) episode.  We stuff-cuss Hillary Clinton’s bizarre dog impression and her seriously suspicious well-timed bout of coughing in key moments (its so bad that not even a whole pack of lozenges will relieve her incessant hawking, hemming and barking.)  We also banter on “unpledged delegates” (aka the political puppeteers that embrace grassroots activists), Trump’s disturbing infatuation with his very own daughter, and the Sith Lord Pastor David Manning’s vitriolic outburst on the LGBT group that’s trying to raise money to buy his church at a foreclosure auction.  The ASP trio cosmically shift their gears and talk about the new Plato (sorry Pluto) that’s comfortably situated in our homely solar system.  And finally, enjoy as you take part in an our newest enthralling game called “Guess that (S.F.) Giant!”

Direct link to download episode #17!

“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her” – Donald Trump


“Symphony No.34, C major – I. Allegro vivace” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and

(Royalty free music. Public domain and copyright free classical music); https://musopen.org

“Pumped” by Justin Mahar: https://musopen.org 

“Bark Like a Clinton” by Volition (uses Mahar’s Pumped as the underlying track)

Space sound from freesound.org


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