Episode #54 – Giants Cactus League Baseball Musings

Episode 54 Cover_edited-5

In this latest ASP Stuff Radio episode, the deep thinkers Alberotle, Steveocrates and Paulato dive into sports, specifically a recap of Spring Training for the San Francisco Giants.  They discuss who looked good, who looked terrible and who should not be wearing short shorts to a baseball game.  Besides disturbing sights, we talk about the mentality of the team going into the season, the tough April schedule and break down the roster from top to bottom.  Please keep in mind this was recorded before the injuries to the Giants two-most depended upon starters this season, Madison Bumgarner and Jeff Samardzija.  So don’t think we were just ignoring that big hurdle the team will have to overcome to start the season.  No easy task!  And Paulato gives his thoughts on the GOP tax plan…let’s just say, “50 extra bucks a month in your pocket now vs. a trillion and half extra dollars in deficit for a future generation to figure out?  Sure, I’ll take it!” —Paulato

Spring Training 2018 Pictures

Warming up

Warm Up Drills (Edit)

Bruce Bochy checking up on his pitchersBochy and Pitching (Edit)

Everyone preparing for fielding drillsGathering

Gathering around the batting cageBat Practice

Hunter Pence and Bochy exchanging baseball ruminationsBochy and Pence ii (edit)

Brandon Belt ready to belt one out of the parkBelt

Pablo Sandoval and Gregor Blanco talking baseball and the nature of language, truth and meaningPanda and Blanco

Brandon Crawford concentrating on his batting abilities and wondering where he wants to eat for lunch in Old Town ScottsdaleBrandon Crawford (Edit)

Pence pumped up to hit some baseballs out of the park beyond those treesPence Getting Ready (edit)

Pence thinking about those trees and Descartes’ philosophySAM_1737

Andrew McCutchen and Pence heading out for some delicious cold brew and ready to talk more about the fundamental principles of hitting Pence and Cutch 2 (edit)

Bochy assuring the small crowd that all is physically well with his four chambersBochy Saying Hi (Edit)

Will the Thrill Clark towering next to BochyBochey and Clark (edit)

Beloved SF Giants Broadcasters – Miller, Fleming, Krukow and KuiperKNBR

“Larry David” spotted at the game sporting some classy short shorts!  Just don’t sit directly in front of him or you might regret what you see.Larry David (Edit)

“LD” working on a script for his latest episode of CurbLarry David with script (edit)


Music: “Keg Baseball” by Centz
From the Free Music Archive
Attribution CC BY

Music: “Morning Gymnastics” by Mons Jacet
From the Free Music Archive
Attribution CC BY

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